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Last updated demand: December 12th, 2020


Our Demands

3D Calibration is a group of experienced technicians from measurement equipment manufacturers on the market, gathered together to provide services on calibration, repair and periodic maintenance of measurement equipment, 2D, 3D, CMM measuring machines etc. of all brands with the cheapest price, best quality and fastest delivery to customers and factories. We would like to look forward to connecting with Japanese electronics and mechanical manufacturing enterprises as well as electronic manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam.


Company Info

Established: 2018

Nationality: Vietnam

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

Representative: Mr Phong

Industry: Machinery & Industrial Technology (Metal Products, Machine Tools, Woodworking / Furniture Manufacturing Machinery, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Precision Mechanics Electric & Electronics, Advanced Technology/Materials,Composites…)

Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:  Samsung, LG, DaiKin, Denso, LMS, Foxcom, Hyosung, Sun house, ACE COOK … 


1.History of company

Established 2018


2.Main product and services

– Calibrating 2D, 3D equipment, Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

– Checking and maintaining machines and measuring devices of all brands on the market.

– Importing and selling measuring devices and machines.

– Providing technical assistance, trade support, after sales services.


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

We provide services with the cheapest price, the best quality and the fastest delivery to customers and factories.


Our Partner