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Last updated demand: August 3rd, 2022


Our Demands

ALAISEVIRTU specializes in manufacturing:
– OEM cosmetics in Japan.
– High quality products, providing a full range of stamps, stickers, diverse designs, …
– With 40 years of experience in the beauty industry in Japan, we used to train makeup for big companies, plan to produce genuine cosmetics, sell products and be introduced in many media.
With that rich experience, we will bring you the best quality MADE IN JAPAN products.
– In addition, we have 7 years of experience working in Vietnam, so we understand the tastes as well as the lifestyle and beauty situation of Vietnamese people.
1/ We are currently looking for:
– Cosmetic companies, Spa, Aesthetic Institute, Cosmetic… have the need to process Japanese cosmetics and functional foods.
Requirements: business license, long-term cooperation.
2/ Cosmetic stores, spas, beauty salons, etc. have a need to use our company’s available products


Company Info

Established: 1985

Nationality: Japan

Tax code:

Representative: Nguyen Thi Thu Hien

Industry: Medical Care & Health (OEM Cosmetic)


1/ History of formation:
– In 1983: Started the cosmetics business
– In 2012: Established LUCKY Japan Makeup Association
– In 2014: established ALAISEVIRTU Co., Ltd
– In 2017: Established Asia Beauty Research Institute Co., Ltd
– In 2018: established the Asia Business Support Association, the mission is to support young entrepreneurs who need to learn business experience to open representative offices or stores to promote products in Japan.


2/ Products and services:
– Processing Japanese cosmetics and functional foods.
– Wholesale and retail cosmetics, functional foods of the company or other types in Japan.
– Connecting for Enterprises in Vietnam wishing to associate with Japanese factories


3/ Competitive Strength:
– Over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry.
– More than 7 years of experience in importing and exporting cosmetics to Vietnam.
– Connect with many different factories in Japan.


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