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Last updated demand: August 8th, 2020


Our Demands

We are looking for partners who wish to sell products made in Japan.
Currently, there are high export demands of products with Japanese brands to foreign countries (mainly food, necessities and cosmetics), therefore we seek partners who want to sell them in Vietnam.
In addition, we are also looking for partners who wish to sell our products such as food and groceries related.
Imported items include garden tools, pottery, etc.
We also import products and look forward to finding products from Vietnamese businesses.
Our company has diverse types of products, but they have not yet been cataloged.
You can get product catalog overview by visiting following page:
General information about our products is posted on this page.


Company Info

Established: 1982
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees : More than 200 employees
Deputy Director: Mr. Kazusato Sakai
Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising

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2. Main product and services

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