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Last updated demand: August 21, 2020


Our Demands

We are providing outsource, digital services, marketing and professional services.

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Company Info

Established: 2015

Nationality: Malaysia

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

Co Founder: Mr. Robin Leong

Industry: Information Technology & Telecommunication (Telecommunication, Data Processing, Computer, Optical Instruments, Laser, Office Supplies & Equipment, Office Automation, Media , Audio Visual (Films, Photos), Graphics…) 


Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: 

– Government and GLCs like AG Malaysia, IA Consulting

– Private SMEs like Access1, Powerware, Anbiz, Aegis and etc

– Financial Services like CIMB, AM Metlife and RHB Cambodia

– MNCs like Accenture, Solid Global Systems, Huawei, Lazada and FPT Vietnam

– Overseas clients like Ask Story Korea, SKI China, NBP Vietnam & SK Telecom 


1.History of company

Incorporation Date : 30-01-2015


2.Main product and services

We can outsourcing, digital services, marketing and professional services in Asean network.


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

We have a good scouting network that seeks the best available tech talents in the region, all curated and well trained. We match the client/project with right talents at 15-20% fees, solving the needs for both the clients & the talents. 


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