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Last updated demand: June 2nd, 2022


Our Demands

Over the years, Bamboo Uni Vina has become the leading expert in cultivating and exporting giant tropical timber bamboos in Vietnam. With a large international network of buyers and manufacturers of bamboo products, we form the link between private and corporate bamboo growers and manufacturers who require raw bamboo materials.
To increase production scale, meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We decided to establish Bamboo Uni Vina Co., Ltd with the goal of “Connecting to Success”.
The Bamboo Uni Vina is engage in the industrialization of bamboo and environmentally attractive alternative while addressing some of the world’s most critical and pressing environmental and social concerns. The conversion of degraded land into certified bamboo farms that contribute to fighting global climate change is coupled with investment into the development of innovative technology to provide climate positive, turnkey solutions for products and markets that currently contribute to the deforestation of our world’s natural forests.
Our Products: Bamboo Stakes, Bamboo Poles support in Agriculture sector, in Building sector, Bamboo fences decor garden, …
Bamboo Uni Vina Company is looking for customers who want to import bamboo poles.


Company Info

Established: 2022

Nationality: Vietnam

Tax code: 2803018618

Representative: Nguyen Van Kien

Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising


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