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Last updated demand: March 28th, 2022


Our Demands

Our company provides services: data entry and data processing, document digitization, data labeling, content writing, financial – accounting, marginalization – translation, processing and processing. DTP photos, introduction of personnel.
We need to find customers who need to use the above services.


Company Info

Established: 2017
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees: More than 200 employees
Director: Ms./Mrs. Ha Thi Dan Phuong
Industry: Professional Services (BPO, Call Center, Translation, Legal, Consulting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, HR, Design, Occupational Safety and Health, Labor Management, Security, Safety,…)

1. History of company
BPO.MP Co., Ltd. was established on October 31, 2017 with an investment capital of VND 10 billion, which is a consolidated company of 3 companies: Minh Phuc Co., Ltd. (60%), Joint Stock Company JP MEDIA DIRECT and JSC Nishikawa Communications. The current number of employees is 126 people.

2. Main product and services
– Data entry and data processing
– Digitize documents
– Assign data labels
– Write content
– Processing finance – accounting
– Editing-translation
– Processing and processing DTP images
– Introduce personnel

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
– It is possible to develop the system to implement the service on its own, and can respond to many different types of projects.
– Reciprocal 24h / day and 365 days / year.
– With the headquarter located in Da Nang, there will be advantages in labor, helping you reduce costs.
– Having a lot of experience, ensuring service quality


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