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Last updated demand: June 14th, 2022


Our Demands

TBRC is a Corporate Finance Consultancy and Advisory firm based in Ho Chi Minh City focus on introducing foreign companies into the fast growing and dynamic Vietnamese market as well as supporting Vietnamese firms finding paths to growth domestically and globally. As CDI Global’s affiliate in Vietnam, we assist foreign and domestic firms in cross-border M&A and capital raising in collaboration with CDIs network of 50 M&A boutiques in 29 countries across the globe.
– TBRC assist companies with:
+ M&A advisory services
+ Market-entry & expansion
+ Business Partner Search
+ OEM, Supplier Search
+ Investment advisory services
Currently, we are looking to work with foreign companies looking to Market-entry, cross-border M&A in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese firms looking to expand overseas.


Company Info

Established: 2015

Nationality: Vietnam

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

Business Development Associate: Mr. Phan Tan Vinh Hoang

Industry: Professional Services (BPO, Call Center, Translation, Legal, Consulting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, HR, Design, Occupational Safety and Health, Labor Management, Security, Safety,…) 


Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

 Our consultants record:

– Consumer goods: Leading and motivating Oriflame’s several tens-of-thousands strong sales force as well as truly amazing and dedicated staff. Turned around the declining sales trend in the first quarter on the job and continued to building a leaner organisation and a stronger team. Learnt how to operate a large organisation in Vietnam’s challenging and dynamic business environment, refining and implementing the strategy for growth in one of the worlds most potential consumer goods markets.

–  Distribution & Market-entry: Executed business consultations for a Japanese craft beer brand to optimize project management for tax strategies, initial market penetration, public relations, marketing, and sales initiatives that resulted in business expansion of B2B outlets to 40+ locations in seven months.

–  Investment Management: Increased a security firm year-to-date market share by 60% YoY in just 3 months; grew institutional client base by 39% and acquired key new clients including leading regional prime brokers and global EM/FM funds

Additional projects: Please contact us directly for references.


1.History of company


The Business Rock Star Company Ltd. or TBRC was established in 2015 by two cousins from Sweden, Johan and Eric De Geer. With a shared interest for transitioning economies and seeing the opportunity Vietnam’s steady and fast-growing economy presented. Using their notable experience in the region, they decided to set up a corporate finance advisory and consultancy firm within market entry operating in Vietnam – The idea for TBRC was formed!


+  With a strong belief in that close collaboration makes perfection, TBRC has since day one proposed tailor-made strategic solutions to our clients. Our team of driven Vietnamese and European professionals possess the strong analytical and executional skills needed as reliable partners in our primary areas as M&A advisory and Business Partner/OEM/Supplier Search.

+ Our Scandinavian work culture and deep local understanding make TBRC is a truly international firm. With our thorough knowledge of Vietnam and the APAC region, diverse backgrounds and experience in the fields of strategy, marketing, production and finance, we stand ready to develop Your strategy for Vietnam or support your export to US, EU, Japan, and the APAC.


2.Main product and services


– Healthcare 

– Agro-industry

– ICT & Manufacturing

– Insurance, Credit & Lending


– Consumer Lifestyle

– Craft Beer & Sake

– E-Commerce

– Logistics

– Forestry

– Hospitality (F&B + Tourism)


– M&A advisory services

– Market-entry & expansion

– Business Partner Search

– OEM, Supplier Search

– Investment advisory services


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

Our team consists of European and Vietnamese professionals (former Oriflame MD, Boston Consulting Group Consultant, Deutsche Bank…) with a deep understanding of international business development as well as extended networks with B2B and B2G in Southeast Asia, Japan, and Europe.


Our Partner