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Last updated demand: February 20, 2022


Our Demands

COATS PHONG PHU was established in 2008, we supply industrial threaded products with our headquarters located in the UK. We are looking for customers who need to use the products provided by the company.


Company Info

Established: 2008

Nationality: Vietnam

Tax code: 300828098

Representative: Mr. Sang

Industry: Textile/Garment & Fashion (Leather, Footwear, Textiles & Apparel, Fashion Design,…)


1.History of company

The company was established on 11/12/2008


2.Main product and services

1/ Threads

From conventional apparel like trousers and blouses to highly demanding, safety-critical end uses like automotive airbags and hot air balloons, we offer specially engineered industrial threads that optimise your sewing performance and enhance your product quality.

2/ Yarns

We are global experts in the design and supply of high technology, high-performance technical yarns that are used in a range of industries which include personal protection, transportation, household and recreation, telecoms and energy and other industrial end uses.

3/ Zips

Under our Opti brand, we offer a wide variety of zip fasteners for manufacturers of clothing, footwear, accessories, outdoor gear and many others sectors. The Opti range is backed by unrivalled zip manufacturing technology, designed to give Coats customers a product they can trust every time.

4/ Trims

Coats global trims offer is a range of high quality interlinings, reflective tapes, hook and loop fasteners and mattress tapes developed in cooperation with leading suppliers and textile manufacturers. They can be used in a multitude of apparel, footwear and speciality applications.


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

We are achieving this by focusing on three key areas:

– Talent – our people are our greatest asset and we continue to invest in their development to enhance their specialised skills and acquire new ones through our ever-growing digital learning platform and peer-to-peer sessions led by internal experts

– Textiles – we develop innovative textile solutions to enhance people’s lives, touching everything from sewing thread to fibre optic cables

– Technology – we embrace new, emerging and disruptive technologies to penetrate markets with new and improved textile applications and material solutions that are more sustainable and functional


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