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Last updated demand: December 14, 2020


Our Demands

Cycleroad is a trading (purchase and sell) company of road bikes in Japan. We are looking for the partners in Vietnam as below:
Manufacturers or suppliers to import cheap road bikes into Japan (taking over supply source from China)
Customers who would like to import high-end road bikes “made in Japan” for wholesale or retail sales in Vietnam
Additionally, we are also looking for suppliers of sundry goods and other products as images below, e.g. stationery, decoration items, cosmetics, coffee…
If there are ones with good-looking, distinguished and creative design differing from other market goods, please do not hesitate to suggest Cycleroad.

(*) Requirements for bikes importing into Japan:
Product Name : Bikes
Estimated Volume : around 15~20 container/year, 5,000~6,500 bikes
Brand : Non-designated
No special requirements on bikes specification. However, we would like to see various models and series.
Port of Destination : Osaka Port


Company Info


Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees :

Representative: Ken Nozawa

Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising


Our Partner