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Last updated demand: December 7th, 2021

Our Demands

Customer/ Company who are in need of products of T-shirts, Polo, Sport shirts, Shirts, pants which are manufactured according to your company’s needs.


Company Info

Established: 2018
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : Under 20 employees
General Manager; Mr. Phan Nguyen Phuoc
Industry: Textile/Garment & Fashion (Leather, Footwear, Textiles & Apparel, Fashion Design,…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Garment 10 Corporation Joint Stock Company (Garco 10).

1. History of company
East Door was established for about a year. Currently, our office is located in Hanoi while the factory is based in Lang Sac, Nam Dinh – a city in northern Vietnam.

2. Main product and services
Our main products:
– High quality processed garments (T-shirts, Polo shirts, Shirts, pants).
– Wooden products (wooden spoons, chopsticks, hangers, etc.)
– Silk scarf.
– Teapot, teacup.
– Disposable masks, medical gloves, etc.
– Trading Services and quality control.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Young, enthusiastic and experienced employees who are driven by the challenging spirit to discover new things.


Our Partner