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Last updated demand: December 8th, 2021


Our Demands

Our company specializes in distributing confectionery products to 1,500 convenience stores, supermarkets and 150 cafes across Vietnam. We are looking for OEM, ODM manufacturers who can produce confectionery/food under the following requirements:
◎ To supply suitable products for sale in this distribution channel. For companies that do not have a distribution channel, we will support to expand business markets in Vietnam (particularly factories only engaged in food processing industry for export so far).
◎ To be able to handle products under room temperature (store products in a cool, dark place) and at freezer temperature (-18°C).
◎ Products are safe to use for more than 14 days after stored at room temperature. For frozen food, they are safe to use for 2 days after defrosting (below 10 degrees C).
◎ For businesses with operating model of exporting products to expand markets Vietnam: GOGO ENTERTAINMENT can support the necessary features for B2C products (product package development, registration of product, trademark management etc.).
*** In addition to confectionery industry, we would welcome proposals on business cooperation in other food products.

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Company Info

  • Established: 12/2007
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Number of Employees: From 20 to under 200 employees
  • Director: Mr. Yasushi Umezawa
  • Industry:
    – Agriculture & Forestry & Fishery & Food ( Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Products,, Food Processing)
    – Marketing & Advertising & Public relations (PR) (Advertising, Branding Building, Brand management, Digital Marketing, Market research…)
  • Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:


1. History of company
Our history begin in 2007, the company is founded as the first character operating company in Vietnam. As an official agent in Vietnam, we provide services related to brand management and intellectual property of Japanese character such as Pokemon etc.

2. Main product and services
(1) Character License Biz
a. IP (Character) license *Pokemon etc.
b. media distribution *TV, online, movie, comic etc.
(2) Character MD Biz
a. import-wholesale Gunpla, Pokemon items
b. character product development, production
(3) Brand management Biz
a. event produce
b. content production (program for TV, online), localize
(4) Food Biz
a. production at own factory, wholesale, retail
b. promotion for Japanese Food (by Jetro)

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
(1) brand marketing professional : comprehensive function for media mix, cross merchandising
(2) official partner of Pokemon, NHK, Hello Kitty, Gundam etc.
(3) producing goods at own factory

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