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Last updated demand: December 7th, 2021


Our Demands

We are seeking partners who are:
(1) ① Maintenance service company of machinery and equipment made in Japan.
② Machinery Design and Manufacture Factory.
③ Canned Food Factory.
(2) ① FA Equipment Distributor.
② Distributors of Machinery and Equipment made in China (laser equipment, Robots, connection equipment, etc…).


Company Info

Established: 2018
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees : Under 20 employees
General Manager: Yodose Takanori
Industry: Machinery & Industrial Technology (Metal Products, Machine Tools, Woodworking / Furniture Manufacturing Machinery, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Precision Mechanics Electric & Electronics, Advanced Technology/Materials,Composites…)

1. History of company
Hamaso Group opened its first overseas branch in Thailand in order to boost overseas expansion. This branch plays the role as a selling point to provide similar services with Japan while expanding the business overseas, mainly focuses in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc. We not only provide services of supply and installation of equipment and components, but also propose solutions of cost reduction for manufacturing equipment from the stage of design and assembling to test run adjustment matching the demands from the customers.

2. Main product and services
Propose automation system, machine tools to support manufacturing activities of the customers.
① Propose automation system using robots,
② Propose overall solutions by taking out advantages as a trading company of FA spare parts,
③ We not only supply domestic brands but also supply the material, equipment and components of prestige overseas manufacturers.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Hamaso Group distributes products through our overseas distribution channels, by early establishment of overseas branch in order to support the overseas expansion and operation of Japanese companies. Up to the present day, taking advantage of the experience and achievements cultivated in the past, we have established numerous distribution channels involving many domestic manufacturers. Besides, facing the circumstance where cost reduction are expected to become even stricter, we also made adjustments on our overseas network of overseas manufacturers who own cost competitiveness. Utilizing our substantial experience, Hamasho Group are striving to build up a commercial procurement channel in line with customer’s needs.


Our Partner