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Last updated demand: February 18, 2021


Our Demands

Our mission is to promote the incredible value of building a family by giving birth and taking care of babies. We bring smiles to parents and children across Japan, as well as forming the foundation of human resources that will steer the future of Japan and play an active role in the world.
Our program offers an ideal preschool learning environment where childcare and early education are combined together so that the childrens may enjoy learning while acquiring English in a natural way. The curriculum is developed based on child development stages and their interest. This pre-school program also provides immersion and bilingual education with the support of foreigner professors.
Currently, we are looking forward to opportunities to interact with other international schools.
The interactions may be held through online classes between multiple international schools where children may make new friends around the world.
When the coronavirus pandemic settles down, we are also looking forward to a real interaction with the schools at local countries.


Company Info

Established: 2010

Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees : 

Representative: Miyake

Industry: Education/Training & Hobby (Education & Training, Music, Toys & Games, DIY, Collector’s Items, Sports, Entertainment, Books, Library, Arts & Crafts, Antiques, Pets, Gardening,…)


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