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Last updated demand: June 25th, 2020


Our Demands

(1) NBD are looking for partners who are wholesale distributors of all kinds of auto parts or partners who have demand for auto parts. Currently we export genuine auto parts to Central and South America. Through extensive relationships with manufacturers and deep experience gained, we are striving for the expansion of our business in emerging markets in Vietnam. The list of auto parts we provide includes (The following are only a part of our products): water pumps, clutch fans, bearings, cardan couplings, ball joints, rubber dampers, steering parts, delco cover, electric distribution latches, start switches, turbochargers, oil pressure generators, radiator covers, car master cylinder repair kits, brake assembly seal Kit, oil seals, voltage regulators, rectifier circuits, electromagnet tubes, starter relays, ignition bins, car fuel pump parts.
(2) In addition to spare parts distribution, we also promote cooperation in capital with potential businesses in order to gain synergy. We are looking for partners who can perform mutual support to expand our business operations.
(3) We cooperate with businesses in capital area and provide M&A consulting service for businesses wishing to expand their business or businesses facing with problems in transfer of their business operations.


NBD is looking for a supplier in Vietnam that can make the products as below.
Product name: Clic – one touch pipe clamp
Order quantity: about several thousands.
Requirements: Japanese quality. If possible, prefer Japanese companies.
Location: anywhere.


Company Info

Established: 2003

Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

Sales Manager: Mr. YOJI TOMINAGA

Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising

Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: We have many years of experience in trading and export diversification with many major auto parts businesses.


1.History of company

After graduation, our founder got a job at a trading company and operated a golf course in Yokohama, Japan. He was in charge of exporting machinery, cars and spare parts to Central and South America. In 1986, he took over the position of Director of this company. In September 2003, he successfully completed his task and handed over the business to his successor. From then until January 19, 2018, his permanent predecessor took over as the company’s Representative Director, and the company is currently run by the new Director. The company’s headquarters is located in Yokohama-shi.


2.Main product and services

Engaging in import and export, distribution agents, commercial activities between the three countries, agents holding auto parts auctions online, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial machinery, food processing machines.


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

Our sales team are small but professional.


Our Partner