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Last updated demand: March 18th, 2020


Our Demands

Our company is a call center that can read and write Japanese and Vietnamese. We are in charge of operating and receiving phones mainly for the sale of Japanese cosmetics and functional foods.
Companies that want us to listen and make phone calls.


Company Info

Established: 2019
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees : Under 20 employees
Manager: Mr. Tagata
Industry: Professional Services (BPO, Call Center, Translation, Legal, Consulting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, HR, Design, Occupational Safety and Health, Labor Management, Security, Safety,…)

1. History of company
Established in September 2019 as a call center for companies that selling Japanese cosmetics and functional foods. We have Vietnamese staffs who can read and write Japanese, handle and respond to customers.

2. Main product and services
Customer services such as concerning emails, making and receiving phone calls for mail‐order firms. We will have 30 employees by December 2019.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Staff with experience working in Japan and can handle by both languages Japanese and Vietnamese. Especially, our employees understand the business model of mail‐order firms so that they can deal with customers which is a element directly related to profitability to improve LTV. In addition to mail‐order firms, taking advantage of the language ability, we plan to expand the business for hotels / restaurants such as by booking and consulting support.


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