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Last updated demand: December 16th, 2021

Sankei Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

Our Demands

(1) Find manufacturers of clothing materials (inner lining, middle lining, clothes, etc.) corresponding to Japanese quality. (2) Find a buyer to buy accessories for clothing. For example inner lining, alternating lining, etc. (3) Find dealers to buy laundry labels / tags (especially contactless IC cards). (4) Find companies that need extra designs like clothing tags

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Company Info

Established: 1997
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees: From 20 to under 200 employees
Admin: Mr. Takehiko Ono
Industry: Textile/Garment & Fashion (Leather, Footwear, Textiles & Apparel, Fashion Design,…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1. History

Established: January 20, 1997

2. Products and services

Trading in materials and manufacturing auxiliary materials
Inner lining, alternating lining, lining bag, clothes

3. Competitive advantage

Our company offers full items. We pack and ship products purchased from Japan, China, Vietnam.

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