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Last updated demand: December 7th, 2021


Our Demands

We are looking for companies that can supply fabrics for manufacturing ready-made garments for Japan.
We are looking for fabric sewing factories (shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, pajamas, etc.) with production systems that comply with Japanese quality standards.
We are looking for a factory that produces inner lining (bra, etc.) with a production system that complies with Japanese quality standards.
We look forward to increasing sales channels for the retail industry such as cosmetics, health food, beauty products and groceries.
We want to expand the consumer market and circulate the retail industry


Company Info

Established: 1943
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees: More than 200 employees
Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising
– Textile/Garment & Fashion (Leather, Footwear, Textiles & Apparel, Fashion Design,…)


1. History

1939 Began operations in Hamamatsu as a Mutow tailor with 6 saws
1943 Establishment of Shizuoka Fuhaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (capital of 198 thousand yen)
1951 Merge Mutow Shoji Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Mutow-Iryou Co., Ltd.
1954 Started selling clothes directly to the “Topper” women’s society in Hamamatsu
1955 Start national marketing activities on a motorbike (Honda Dream)
1956 Start selling garments directly to the National Women’s Organization
1967 Starting sales at Kimono Exhibition (Kyoka Exhibition)
Renamed to Mutow Apparel Co., Ltd.
Release “Mutow Total Catalog”, a catalog of apparel
Start selling school bags for preschool and kindergarten children
1969 Starting business with cooperative students
1970 Changed its name to Mutow Co., Ltd.
1971 Starting business with Consumer Cooperatives
Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange (delisted)
Establishment of Mutow Service Company Limited
1972 Established Distribution Center Mutow Co., Ltd.
1973 Publishing Co-op digestive catalog
1977 Established “Friendship Association” and started selling directly via mail
1983 Mutow Credit Ltd. was established
1984 listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1986 was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Established Mutow Co., Ltd. Information Center. (current Scroll360)
1987 Published personal DM fashion catalog “RAPTY”
1991 Introduction of MDMS (Mutow direct marketing system)
1993 Publication of the general DM goods list “Seikatsuzacca”
1996 Start Internet DM via “Mutow On-line shop”
1998 Announces “Medium-term environmental protection plan” and starts environmental protection activities
2001 Open a mobile website “Mutow On-line shop”
2005 Spun off Agent business (home sales, exhibition sales)
Consolidated service and 2006 Muto distribution center with Mutow Co., Ltd.
2007 outsourcing distribution business for HAMAKYOREX ​​Co., Ltd.
2008 changed Mutow Information Center Co. Ltd. into Mutow Marketing Support Co. Ltd. (Current Scroll360 Group)
2009 changed its name to Scroll Corporation
2010 Converting Innovation Company into a subsidiary
2012 Limited Company converted SCROLL TRADING (SHANGHAI) into a subsidiary
Converting Himax Group (Tofu-Moritaya Group) into a subsidiary
Co., Ltd. converted AXES into a subsidiary
2013 HAC Transformation Co., Ltd. (Current Hokkaido Anthropologie Group) into a subsidiary
Convert CatchBall, Inc. a subsidiary of Scroll360 Corporation
Established R & D SCROLL Company Limited
2016 Establishment of business SCROLL SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.
Established Logistics Logistics Company Limited.
Convert 2017 NaturaPurify Institute CO., LTD. become a subsidiary
Convert T & M CO., LTD. become a subsidiary
KINARI transformation inc. become a subsidiary
Established International Scroll Corporation
Converted in 2018 Minerva Holdings Company Limited. (currently Naturum Co., LTD.) becomes a subsidiary
Convert TRAVEX TOUR TRAVEL into subsidiary
Convert Moshimo Ltd. into a subsidiary of Scroll360 Corporation


2. Products and services

Online ordering / E-commerce business: We aim to sell “more exciting daily products” for the organization members that have started the Japan Consumer Cooperation Association. “E-commerce business project” to sell to customers for “Online business” customers

Trading in health cosmetics (Cosmetics + Medicine = Cosmedics “健 粧 品” _ A special cosmetic form that features medicine for health / beauty, not beauty cosmetics alone). We sell private brand health and cosmetic products that have a good story.

Business solutions: “Business solutions” provide [Better service every day] of online business customers and e-commerce business

Overseas business: Retail market from home to abroad. “Overseas business” proposes useful solution services from accumulated achievements and know-how.


3. Competitive advantages

Established in 1943, we are continuing to develop steadily, making good use of our online business and experience throughout a long history. And mainly online business will provide a list of women’s ready-made clothes for Association members to distribute more than 8,000,000 copies per week.

Our own online sales, of course, we also use know-how and infrastructure to develop business support for other companies. Currently, there are 1 group of 16 companies, in addition to garments, we also recommend products with very good styles, providing customers and partners with a variety of products such as cosmetics and food products. course, bags and furniture items.


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