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Last updated demand: February 26th, 2021


Our Demands

Buyers looking for supplements.


Company Info

Established: 2008

Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees : From 20 to under 200 employees

Representative: 石川 奈穂子

Industry: Medical Care & Health (Medical & Hospital Equipment, Dental, Welfare & Nursing Equipment, Rehabilitation, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Spa, Yoga, Fitness,…)


Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Mainly over 40 years old women and their family.


1.History of company

2008/8 Establish in Fukuoka,Japan

2008/10 Release UV cut spray, new type UV cosmetic

2011/3 Release Euglena with sesame

2013/4 Release dietary supplement “Sugar Block”

2018/1 Exhibited at Grammy Awards


2.Main product and services

Supplement and hair care products for women.

We offer a wide range of supplements to improve immunity, sleep quality, and body odor, as well as carbohydrate-free supplements. 


Product features:

(*) Product 1>

“Euglena” effects: Improving the immune system, relieving flu symptoms, and alleviate atopic dermatitis, and also suppress blood sugar levels etc.

“Euglena” is attracting worldwide attention. This belongs to the algae that are used as supplements ingredients such as chlorella and spirulina. Japan was the first country in the world to successfully cultivate euglena.

“Euglena” contains 59 nutrients. In addition,” Paramylon” , an ingredient that only Euglena has, can eliminate harmful things in the body. Harmful things in the body cause the issue of aging.It is also effective in preventing menopause.

A favorite supplement for many Japanese. Especially, it is a favorite of all ages women in Japan. “Euglena for men” contains maca and arginine with Euglena.


(*) Product 2>

“Euglena for Men” effects: Improving the immune system, relieving flu symptoms, and alleviate atopic dermatitis, and also suppress blood sugar levels etc.

Combine and prescribe Euglena with Maca and Arginine that is conscious for men.

You can feel this effect in the morning.


(*) Product 3>

“Sugar Block” effects: A supplement that does not get fat even when eaten.

If you eat this, you won’t get fat.

This supplements block carbohydrates and sugars.

Furthermore, it promotes metabolism in the body and promotion of combustion. 

When sugar enters the body, it is broken down and absorbed, and the excess sugar is converted to fat. We studied the mechanism of sugar absorption in the body.

And we have developed a supplement that does not break down, absorb, and burn sugar.

This is a diet supplement that 7 kinds of active ingredients approach the mechanism of sugar absorption in three steps.

This is manufactured at a domestic GNP certificated plant at Gifu pref. in central Japan.

So it’s peace of mind.


3.Strengths and competitive advantages

Develop products that solve women’s problems.

All raw materials are natural materials and have been tested for residual pesticides.

Uses a package with low environmental impact.

Our motto is “Be Healthy, Be Authentic and Be Ecological “.


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