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Last updated demand: December 7th, 2021


Our Demands

We are looking for:
+ Companies that import and distribute foldable cloth dryer stand.
+ Outlets for the retail of cloth dryer stand.


Company Info

Established: 1980
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees : From 20 to under 200 employees
Sales: Ms. Diệp Đỗ
Industry: Building & Construction (Architecture, Building Materials, Furniture, Decorations, Sanitation, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Lighting, Equipment for Public Facility, Urban Development, Building Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning…)

1. History of company
– April 1980: Shinji Hizume established Takara Industry Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan (developing aluminum parts business).
– February 1982: Establishment of plastic manufacturing plant (Takaoka, Toyama). Put the main office into operation and start producing metal.
– May 1983: Establishment of Takara Industry Co., Ltd. (with a capital of 6,000,000 Japanese Yen) . Shinji Hizume is the general director.
– April 1989: Established Baokku Co., Ltd. to develop and trade original products (OA equipment).
– August 1994: Establishment of Suzhou Takara Industry Co., Ltd. (China). Shinji Hizume is the general manager.
– October 2014: Establishment of Ho Chi Minh representative office.

2. Main product and services
Products have been invented by Takara:
+ Developing original products.
+ Foldable cloth dryer stand Dry Wave, Hoseta.
+ Paper towel box, Handrails, Air-conditioned deflector, Pet doors.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
– Takara Industry promotes the market with its original products with four main capabilities: development, production, operation and technical skills.
– Our Takara products with the theme of improving the quality of life are becoming useful in daily life.


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