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Last updated demand: June 18, 2021


Our Demands

Our company, Talenty Co., Ltd provides Facebook Ads and Google Ads management services.
We are looking for companies that want to use digital marketing to attract more customers and increase sales.
For example.
– B to B companies that want to increase their contact leads.
– B to C companies that only place ads in Japanese free papers now.
– B to C companies that want to strengthen sales promotion to Vietnamese people
and so on.
We work with no minimum advertising budget. And, we can respond to a wide range of industries and services.



Company Info

Established: 2018

Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

General Director: Mr. Ryuichi Kurihara

Industry: Marketing & Advertising & Public relations (PR) (Advertising, Branding Building, Brand management, Digital Marketing, Market research…)


1. History of company

Talenty Co., Ltd. was established in November 2018. Company started its digital advertising agency business in September 2019.


2. Main product and services

Digital advertising agency service.


3. Strengths and competitive advantages

Our company has experience in dealing with more than 100 Japanese businesses in Vietnam and Vietnamese businesses on Digital Marketing. We have not set a minimum budget for advertisements, so you can run your advertisements at a low budget. This is the digital advertising service for Japanese businesses wishing to find customers and expand their sales in Vietnam.


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