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Last updated demand: March 24th, 2022


Our Demands

Tan Phat Curtain Co., Ltd provides products:
– Materials and brocade fabrics, canvas, elastic, tulle, and pillowcases for the production of curtains, mosquito nets, pillow sheets, and processing goods are always available
– Sewing service of all kinds of tablecloths and chairs, hall font, dip curtains, drapes, mosquito-net and installing office curtains and blinds for houses, schools, agencies, hotels, and homestays.
We need to find customers who have a need to use the company’s products and services.

Company Info

Established: 2020

Nationality: Vietnam

Tax code: 6001549516-001

Representative: Luu Ngoc Quang

Industry: Textile/Garment & Fashion (Leather, Footwear, Textiles & Apparel, Fashion Design,…)

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