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Last updated demand: April 19th, 2021


Our Demands

TTP ENTECH specializes in providing gas for use in industrial plants, factories etc. At the same time, we also engage in rendering of services and whose investment in equipment, design, construction and activities related to gas operations. We are looking for customers in need of:
1/ Gas for use in the incinerators such as compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks, natural gas (NG) pipelines etc.
2/ Other demands in design, construction and operation in gas stations, tanks, replacement and maintenance etc.
+ Our requirements for Partners shall be discussed more details when the business connection established.

Company Info

Established: 2016

Nationality: Vietnam

Number of Employees : Under 20 employees

Director:  Hồ Xuân Thịnh

Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising

Our Partner