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Last updated demand: January 25th, 2021


Our Demands

1. We are looking for partners who can teach Japanese language online, specifically those are Japanese companies and want to send their trainees to Japan.
This is a new proposed project for companies who are managing Japanese language schools and institutions in Vietnam to nominate their students to Japan as trainees and this will become a business model where Vietnamese trainees can get the language level for specified skilled worker (tokutei ginou) and can work in Japan for a maximum of 5 years.
Nowadays, this trend is more common for Japanese companies to train their trainees to become workers with specific expertise and skills to handle a variety of jobs in the same industry field.
We are preparing an online Japanese training program for N4 level language knowledge, then our students will be sent to Japan as trainees for studying Japanese for up to one year. While studying in Japan under Technical Intern Trainee, they must take an examination of specific skill certification Level 4 (tokutei ginou), if passed, they can apply for a job at a company in Japan.

2. We are looking for local Vietnamese partners who can buy:
– Powdered milk products for babies.
– General pharmaceuticals.
– Or customers need to buy white leg shrimp raised by Japanese technology that no chemicals or drug use to increase shrimp health. (Currently, we are consulting on vannamei shrimp farming techniques for a shrimp farming company. The practical results show that the harvested shrimp from shrimp farm had good quality without the use of drugs or chemicals).


Company Info

Established: 2020

Nationality: Japan

Number of Employees : 

Representative: TAKASHI FUJIISHI

Industry: Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising


Our Partner