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IC Branding Co., Ltd


Finding customers who wish to access Vietnam market includes one-stop-shop services: market research, branding strategy, communication & execution plan.

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立設日: 2017
国: ベトナム
スタッフ数: 20名未満
代表取締役社長:Ms./Mrs. Lê Ánh Vy
業界: 広告業 (広告代理店, メディアなど)

1. 会社沿革

A boutique strategic consultant agency with 12 years in advertising & communications. Strong in brand strategy. We are SMALL enough to right fit to your organization as a strategic partner or as an in-house Mar-Com Dept.

2. 主力サービス 

Strategy, Ideas and Creative Content being conveyed in a 360-degree-communication plan.

3. 強みと競合優位性

YOU’RE A START-UP We advise how to move the brand forward from a business idea
YOU’RE A SOLUTION -ORIENTED PERSON We consult how to spend focused and straight forward to address a business problem
YOU SEEK FOR INSIGHTFUL FIND-OUTS We find out why and how to write stuff that share same language with my target audience

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